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Data Validation

Analytical chemistry data validation includes the validation of both target and non-target list analyses delivered in CLP and other data formats. Validations are provided for organic, inorganic, biological and radiological analyses of water, soil, solid, tissue, wipes, air filter, and all other matrices. Validata personnel have special expertise in Dioxin/Furan, radiochemistry and other technically intensive analyses. Applicable regional USEPA and other project-specific criteria, including QAPP and SAP requirements, are incorporated into each data review. Electronic data review and qualification are provided in a wide variety of data formats. Validata assists with data interpretation as necessary.

Contract Compliance Assessment

Contract Compliance Assessment services determine if a laboratory has met the requirements of the chemistry methods and other contractual technical requirements in performing lab services. These services are offered to government agencies and firms contracting laboratories and to laboratories seeking a third-party evaluation.

Risk Assessment

Validata provides EPA risk assessment calculations due to exposure to toxic chemical compounds.

DATA QA/QC Trends Reports

In depth discussion and statistical analysis of data quality trends display data quality on a site-specific basis. PARCC and other data usability formats are employed in these extensive reports. Relevant data presented in tabular format greatly condense and simplify site decision-making and toxicology.

Laboratory Audits

Validata's staff include experts in all areas of current chemistry analytical techniques, including GC/MS, GC, HPLC, HRGC/MS, ICP/MS, AA, wet chemistry biological methods, radiochemistry methods and others. Our specialists provide comprehensive laboratory audits.

Litigation Support / Expert Witness Services

Validata's services are geared to produce results that are fully legally defensible. Having validated over 12 million data points, none of Validata's work has been refuted in court. These services are provided both for data we validate and in the area of data quality and usability in general. Validata offers special services to assist in litigation support.

Validata's experts have worked extensively with attorneys in litigation support activities related to data quality. Our attorney clients have found these services to be invaluable in establishing and effectively presenting technically defensible chemistry data in court and in refuting opposing data which do not meet proper technical criteria.

Quality Assurance Project Plans

Validata writes Quality Assurance Project Plans that conform to the requirements of the UFP standard. Our highly experienced field and laboratory Quality Assurance staff incorporates all elements necessary to guide a project to success in producing results of known quality and reliability.

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