Validata Chemical Services, Inc.

Business Classification

Validata Chemical Services, Inc. is classified as a Small Disadvantaged Women-Owned Business.


"Your package is the best as seen in the business."
     - William Imbur, Chief Scientist, Law Environmental, Inc.

"On a scale of 1 to 10, your work is a ten plus!"
     - Joy Myers, Data Management Specialist, ABB Environmental Services, Inc.

"You are a very good company, and we will tell that to whoever calls us."
     - Patricia Tarrant, Contracts Manager, EnSafe / Allen and Hoshall

"It's great to finally have someone who knows what they are doing!"
     - Damon Abott, Laboratory Manager, Law Environmental National Labs

"You have been very helpful!"
     - Walt Henley, Chief Geologist, Williams Engineering, Inc.

"Thanks for all of your great work."
     - Tony Perretta, Project Manager, Shaw Environmental.

"You do excellent work."
     - Carol Geiger, Partner, Kilpatrick Stockton LLP.

Other Credentials

Validata Chemical Services has been audited by the USEPA, Quality Assurance Section, and the U.S. Navy, Environmental Project Management. Validata was approved as a data validation service provider by both agencies.

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